How to Celebrate Mother’s Day During Isolation

Mother’s Day falls this year on Sunday, May 10. This is a special day where we celebrate and honor the most important people in the world – our mothers. This year, Mother’s Day will look a little different than other previous years due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Most Mother’s Days are celebrated with a family outing for brunch or some form of a celebration at someone’s home. In this unprecedented time during a pandemic, there are various restrictions that will impact how every family celebrates Mother’s Day with their mother. Whether you are affected by travel restrictions, in quarantine, or wanting to keep mom safe; celebrating in person this year will be near impossible.  This is especially true if your mother falls in the category of those who live at an assisted or independent living facility.

However, Mother’s Day is not canceled for this year and this lends an opportunity to make this celebration even more thoughtful. Many people who have a mother in an independent or assisted living home cannot spend the holiday in person with their mother. This also means that you will not be able to bring the grandchildren by for a visit. Whatever situation you find yourself in this Mother’s Day, take time to plan ahead and remember your mother in your life.

We have a few ideas how families can show their appreciation and love to their mother this year, in ways that are both thoughtful and safe for everyone amidst a pandemic.

  1. Gift her something that reminds her of normalcy in her life – Do you best to think outside of the box when it comes to purchasing something online for her that shows you care and that also puts a sense of normal life back into her life, even if for a moment. We would suggest forgoing the idea of gifting her a mask or toilet paper, unless she has a good sense of humor or needs one of course.
  2. Reach out to her on Mother’s Day – Plan a time that works best for her schedule to call her. One of the best things you can give your mother is time. Set aside some time in your day to call her and have a genuine conversation. An even more meaningful idea would be to have a video call or Zoom call with her if she has the necessary technology.
  3. Send a card – There is nothing life snail mail. Send your mother a card or hand written note reminding her how much she means to you. If you are unable to get a card in the store for her, a simple note would mean so much. There are also online websites who specialize in mailing a loved one a card from their business with a personal note.
  4. Support or cultivate a hobby for her – Take time to brainstorm some ideas of creative gifts that would encourage your mother to continue a current hobby or start a new hobby. Main online craft stores offer shipping at this time and you could help your mother have a hobby while she is occupied indoors.
  5. Give her a plant – Everyone loves receiving fresh flowers, but what if you changed it up this year and sent her a plant? As your mother spends more time indoors, it would be refreshing for her to have a beautiful house plant that she could enjoy for many months or even years to come.
  6. Send her a meal – Because you will be unable to take your mother out for a meal, research ahead of time what you can have delivered to her residence for a meal that she doesn’t have to cook. By sending or picking up a meal for your mother, you can help support a small business at this time and be good to your mother.

This current pandemic has forced everyone to stop and readjust how we live our normal life. This kind of situation also forces us to change how we celebrate holidays. You have a wonderful opportunity to make Mother’s Day this year truly memorable. Your mother will appreciate whatever gesture you do to show her you remember her and all that she has done and still does for you.

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