Lone Wolf vs. Having a Team

Being a Lone-Wolf vs. Having a Team
We’ve all had times when the prospect of “going it alone” seemed enticing. Being a lone wolf is even a staple of culture in some respects, with such mantras as “If you want something done right, then do it yourself” being a common utterance among entrepreneurs.

But being a DIY’er or a lone wolf in your business has a cost that extends far beyond your bottom line. As experts in the senior care industry, we’ve witnessed many highly-talented adult family home operators fall short of their potential due to operating inefficiencies.
Measuring loss from inefficient operation
At AFHSC, we conceptualize healthy adult family homes as well-optimized businesses that have each dimension of their operations accounted for. We know that proactively planning always beats reactively responding.

For fun, let’s do a quick quiz. Which responsibilities do you think an adult family homeowner should focus on?

1. Ordering the supplies
2. Marketing the business
3. Responding to patient needs
4. Empowering the team around them
5. All of the above

If you said 1, 2, 3, or 5, we’d have to disagree respectfully. While it may seem heroic for a business owner (adult family home or otherwise) to perform all of the primary operations in their business, it is a typical calling card of a business that “reacts” to issues.

And when a business reacts to issues, it cannot make optimal decisions. This means that energy, time, and capital loss are all but guaranteed.
Opportunity cost and financial loss
Adult family homes that operate without due consideration toward opportunity cost will always struggle with meeting their goals.
Time spent responding to escalating issues within the business will take time and energy away from team members’ abilities to plan for future needs.

Even failing to plan for the next month can cause a never-ending cycle of always being behind in repairs, supplies, and, most importantly, empty patient beds.

To be successful, adult family homes need to run at maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, this means that optimizing where every minute and every dollar gets spent is a task far more daunting than any individual ought to take on.
Economies of scale with AFH Senior Care
AFH Senior Care has cultivated a sound path for AFH owners to experience scalable, sustainable success within their business as long-time experts in senior and adult care homes.

We’ve shared many of the greatest, research-driven discoveries in our recently published book, Senior Care by Design: The Better Alternative to Institutional Assisted Living and Memory Care.

While publishing our book has led to a significant positive impact within the senior care industry, our AFH Senior Care franchise program takes things to the next level.

In partnering with new and existing AFH owners, we can bring in our proven processes to create healthy growth in the business and a more high-quality patient experience.
What our partnership program includes
Franchise partners of AFH Senior Care enjoy powerful benefits in nearly every business dimension.

But perhaps the most essential benefit is retrieving precious time and energy being needlessly spent in “trying to do it all.”

Our franchise program includes plans, processes, and resources to suit every need within an adult family home business:

● Dedicated business support staff to handle accounting, payroll, tax filings, and more
● Legal compliance team to help navigate complex requirements
● Powerful software and training programs
● Contractors to perform any repairs or modifications needed
● Robust marketing solutions to keep beds filled
● Proven processes for operating and managing an AFH
● Alignment with one of the most respected brands in the senior care industry
● Much, much more

Although we’ve grown through the years, our mission has remained the same. We aim to transform the senior care industry by setting an example of what care genuinely can be.

By joining our franchise program, you’ll stand to benefit your business, your own life, and the lives of your patients.

We’d love to share more about the exciting opportunities that a partnership with AFH Senior Care enables. For more information, please visit our franchise program page on our website.

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