Celebrating Grandparents Day!

This Sunday, September 9, is National Grandparents Day. This day became a national holiday when Congress passed legislation proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day. President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation in 1978. The purpose of this holiday is to honor grandparents, give them an opportunity to show love for their grandchildren, and to help children become aware of the strength, guidance, and information the elderly can offer.

Here are some ideas for ways to love on grandparents this year.

1. Cook a meal – It’s common knowledge that some of the best cooks in the world are called “grandma”. Take the time to learn from their skills while you have the opportunity. Cooking a special meal or baking a dessert for your grandparents will mean so much. You definitely will get bonus points if you can use one of your grandparent’s old recipes!

2. Visit the elderly in a nursing home – This holiday isn’t just about celebrating grandparents. It is also about supporting and showing gratitude to the elderly. Think of something like bringing baked goods to a local nursing home. Take some time to visit with them and get to know them. You may make a new acquaintance and develop a new relationship. This gesture will not only benefit them, but you as well.

3. Interview your grandparents – Our grandparents have contributed much to our lives. Take the time to learn about their past. Ask your parents to share their stories of success and failure. Ask them for some of their favorite memories as a child and adult. This is a conversation you would love to record and save for many years to come.

4. Make a photo album – Most grandparents enjoy looking through photo albums. Take the time to make a photo album of either the past year or favorite memories for years gone by. This is something that they can keep and enjoy year round. It truly will be a gift that keeps on giving.

5. Make it personal – If you go online and research, there are dozens of online shops that you can make unique personalized gifts. You can use photos to make a creative mug, necktie, blanket, calendar or even a pillow.

6. Bond over ice cream! – Plan a simple grandparent-grandchild ice cream date. Check around to see if any ice cream shops are offering discounts or even free ice cream for grandparents in honor of Grandparents Day.

Most grandparents don’t care what activity they do—they just want to spend quality time with their grandchildren. No matter what, the best Grandparents Day activity involves you and your grandparents together, celebrating your family and each other.

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