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The greatest strength of joining a franchise system is the support structure your business receives. AFH Senior Care was built by adult family home providers to support adult family home providers. As the public begins to understand that adult family homes are the safest option for senior care, AFH providers will need more support to protect and elevate their business models. AFH Providers can leverage existing expertise from our Professional Advisory Team members, as well as the knowledge of all the Franchise Partners who have joined our team. Along with quality support services, you will have a network of experienced providers to work with, one phone number for support, proprietary training, business tools, and multiple departments for the specific needs of each AFH provider, and more!

Franchise options

Area developer



These and other key features of the Area Development business model are listed below:


  • Operates with a limited number of customers. 
  • Operates with a small number of employees (eventually 2-4). 
  • Operates with minimal or no rent expense. 
  • Operates with little or no inventory expense. 

Single unit franchise


When you have reviewed the AFH Senior Care Franchise Opportunity, You will be convinced that any senior, your aging loved one, or yourself, would be best served by spending the last chapter of active living in this type of setting. Franchisors advantages with AFHSC:


  • Multiple levels of investor involvement.
  • High demand for senior care services
  • Turnkey Management tools.
  • Expert training and education

Why become an AFH Senior Care Franchise?

AFH Senior Care is here to help Adult Family Homes succeed by providing a support system providers can utilize in their business. Our support center has experts in senior care compliance, training, marketing and technology that can work with your adult family home and provide solutions in areas you may need support with. Our professional advisory team knows how to elevate the senior care services while getting the most for a provider’s time. On average AFH Senior Care franchised homes will make $7,400 per bed, when our systems are implemented into an AFH.

Staffing / Training

  • Connect your business to our network of certified caregivers


  • We have an experienced legal team ready to support you.

Marketing & Business Development

  • Lowering the cost of filling your beds
  • Connect to a trusted brand.
Administration Operations
  • Financing and accounting
  • Helping you get paid
  • Maintenance support
AFH Technology
  • Our proprietary app with help you manage and operate your business.
Business Strategy
  • Enhance your services and grow your business.