Father’s Day Celebration Ideas for Seniors

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17. It is a day we honor our fathers and thank them for all that they have given us. With their independence and stamina fading away, many elderly fathers feel lost and often even out of place. Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and honor them. However, many struggle with how to celebrate with their dad on this special day. Your dad will be eager to get out of his assisted living center or out of the house, but outings can be overwhelming to an elderly parent. We have six ideas for Father’s Day to help you make him feel loved and important.

1. TAKE HIM TO A BALL GAME – Purchase him tickets to a baseball game, whether a Major or Minor League game. Enjoy the fresh air and time you both can spend together. A local Little League game may be easier physically if climbing stairs or uncomfortable seating is too much for him.

2. TAKE HIM TO THE BEACH – A trip to the shore can be refreshing to your parent. If you do not live near the ocean, find a local lake or river where they can sit and look at the water. It may be best to find a location with paved parking or a boardwalk. A walk on the sand could be difficult for them.

3. TAKE HIM TO THE PARK – If the weather permits, plan to spend the day at the park. You can spend the day or the afternoon with a nature walk, playing a game and a picnic. You will want to find a location that has a local restroom, shaded areas and a park that is easy to walk around. This day can be extra special when the whole family comes along.

4. MAKE A MEMORY BOOK – Many dads are not able to physically get out of their home. Bring the memories to him by putting a memory book together. You and additional family and friends could write letters to him and also include photographs. After the holiday is over, he will have a memorable gift to enjoy throughout the years.

5. TAKE HIM TO A LOCAL CAR SHOW – Many fathers are car enthusiasts and taking your dad to a car show is a great way to celebrate with him. There will be plenty of stories he will want to tell as he remembers his days on the road. Your dad will be thankful for the opportunity to get out and be with you.

6. BRING HIM A NICE MEAL – Bring him his favorite restaurant meal to his home or assisted living facility. You could both sit down together in a quiet atmosphere to share a delicious meal and enjoy each other’s company. After dinner watch a movie together of his choosing.


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