Benefits of Senior Assisted Living during a Pandemic

During this unprecedented time in our country, information about COVID-19 is ever changing. As information changes rapidly, know that senior living communities are committed and dedicated to both staying informed and adapting quickly with these changes. 

We have compiled some reasons why a senior living community may actually be a good option for your senior loved one during this unusual time.

1. Connection options during social distancing

With most citizens practicing social distancing, families have found it to be a difficult time to stay connected with their loved ones who are elderly. Many senior living facilities have options when it comes to assisting with video-related technology so that families can stay connected from a distance.

2. Commitment to safety 

Our senior living facilities are extremely determined in preventing any germs, especially the virus, from spreading. Some of the ways we are preventing the spread of germs, include:

  • Increasing hand sanitizer usage
  • Delivery monitoring
  • Thoroughly disinfecting all spaces frequently
  • Encouraging proper hand washing
  • Practicing social distancing

Many people are struggling with locating basic cleaning and toiletry supplies. Our facilities are well-stocked and have the resources to provide a safe and secure living facility for your senior loved one.

In this current environment, families of senior loved ones can find comfort in the continual round-the-clock presence of trained staff that is equipped to care for emergency situations. These emergencies would include accidents and illness outbreaks in a moment’s notice. We are regularly referring to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on their suggested guidance on how to handle emergencies.

3. Options for activity and exercising

During this time of isolation and sheltering-in-place, it is especially important for seniors to continual their daily exercise and activities. Our senior living homes have to adapt and get creative especially during these times so that this is not overlooked.

4. Clean environment is provided

It’s common knowledge that the majority of those passing away from COVID-19 fall in the elderly category. Those with preexisting conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes, can be severely affected by this virus. Because of this new reality, we are increasing how we clean and continually sanitize. We are also educating how to properly wash hands and practice social distancing.

It’s a common realization that some families are not prepared or equipped to be committed to full-time caregiving of senior family members. There can be less stress and tension in families if you find yourself needing to focus on your relationship and help your senior loved one find a good assisted living facility.

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